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“a true visionary!”
The Albertan. (Canada)

“Simon Alexander is a clairvoyant who comes up with some startlingly accurate predictions”
Woman’s Weekly. (UK)

“Der Elektrische Herr Alexander”
BILD-Hamburg (Germany)

“on a live television show he warned of a tragedy for the Beatles six days before the murder of John Lennon”
The Toronto Sun. (Canada)

“clairvoyant dead on with UK election prediction”
Edmonton Sun. (Canada)

“Simon Alexander - amazing prophet of the airwaves”
National Enquirer (USA)

“the amazing predictions of clairvoyant Simon Alexander!”
Victoria’s Magazine. (Canada)

“talk show hosts left speechless after performance by psychic”
The Toronto Sun. (Canada)

Simon Alexander - supermago!” (amazing magician)
La Notte. (Italy)

“psychic guest too accurate!”
The Sunday Sun. (Canada)

Visions of the future turn to gold; Simon Alexander, a clairvoyant who spends his life making other people rich.”
Lincoln Echo. (UK)

“International clairvoyant Simon Alexander has astounded thousands with his accurate predictions on radio and television.”
Belfast Telegraph. (Ireland)

“Alexander not only leaves his audience gasping over his psychic predictions, he also leaves them rolling in the aisles with a different brand of ESP – extra special performing. One of Britain’s foremost psychics is also a polished comedian!”
The Guardian. (UK)

“Simon Alexander looks like a cross between a trendy intellectual and an ageing rock star. He is in fact a clairvoyant with some very impressive credentials.”
Sunday Mirror. (UK)

“Time and again Simon Alexander has apparently gone out on a limb with the most amazing predictions. And nine times out of ten he’s been absolutely right!”Titbits. (UK)

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