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Here are the latest entries in Simon Alexanders 'Simon Says'

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Making predictions related to international events, politics and celebrities, is stock in trade to Simon Alexander.

On the 25th of May 1974 he made a statement to the world's press. He said Richard Nixon would resign on the 6th of August of that year. In fact, he resigned on the 8th, only an amazing 48 hours out.

 On B.B.C Radio way back in July '73 he surprised the nation by announcing the break up of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. He gave the date and the time, he was one hour out. Incredible you may say. But true.

Couples have always worked well for Alexander. He said Peter Sellers would meet Liza Minelli and have a love affair and of course they did. In the Australian "Women's Weekly" he stated Princess Margaret would divorce her husband at a time when they were just a normal, happy couple.

He predicted Joe Clark would become Prime Minister of Canada and Margaret Thatcher's rise to fame. In his weekly column "Simon Says" he wrote in verse,

 Harold Wilson we will find,
has resignation on his mind,
I can foresee a coalition,
Someone then will take the lead,
Margaret Thatcher will succeed.
From all of which I'm sure will stem
the first female to be P.M.

For the non-followers of politics, Harold Wilson resigned only a few weeks after this was published, a coalition government was formed by the Labour Party and Liberal Part, known as the "Lib-Lab Pact" and then of course Mrs. Thatcher did succeed, big time.

His predictions run to the murder of John Lennon, the assassination of President Sadat and the death of Princess Grace of Monaco, to list just a few of his extraordinary successful forecasts.

Yet Simon will be the first to tell you that his most rewarding predictions are made not in the glare of the public arena, but in privacy of the consultation room with real people and of course, that's where it stays.


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