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A private consultation is rather like a one sided conversation, with me doing all the talking!

I will ask you to sit down, hand over something personal (such as a watch, a ring, or even a jumper) and then tell you about the things that I am seeing. By projecting my extra-sensory sight into the future and viewing pictures of the major happenings that will affect you, and those people who are going to be important to you, I take you through coming events and the connections that will lead on to significant episodes in your life. I cover all areas of current decisions and changes in your life, only making reference to past events where they are directly relevant to the present.

The mental images I receive have proved to be infallible in their accuracy, though definitively pinpointing the time when they will occur is not always that easy. I judge the timing of events (immediate, short, medium and long term) by the clarity of the image I receive (the closer an event is the clearer the image appears, like getting a photograph into sharp focus). This is an imprecise science, because sometimes really major events appear crystal sharp, not because they are going to happen tomorrow, but because they are so important to your life’s path, and are going to come about whatever other decisions you make. I do not record the consultation, so you will need to bring pen and paper to make your notes as I talk.

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