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I am a clairvoyant. That is, I have an extra-sensory perception which allows me to make predictions about the future. When I work directly with a client, or hold personal articles belonging to them, I see pictures of people, places and future events.
I work in the field of parapsychology. There is much debate about whether the abilities that accompany extra-sensory perception can be proven, or exist at all. We all have a tendency to treat with scepticism anything that lies outside the boundaries of technological proof – but how much that now is a part of our everyday life would have been regarded as magic and witchcraft two-hundred years ago.I will not try and convince you of my clairvoyant abilities – I ask you to make up your own minds on the basis of what I tell you.I believe that we create our own opportunities in life by hard work and innate talent. Beyond that there is something else, something indefinable that sets some individuals apart from the others around them. This may be luck, or fate, or a capacity for intuitive decision-making. By showing you snapshots of your future I can direct your decision-making to the very best advantage.



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